24hrs *Weekends working

Director's Philanthropy:

  • Our director actively engages in philanthropy by donating and contributing to the Orang Asli community.
  • Arranges visits from pediatric and medical doctors to provide essential healthcare support to the community.
  • Regularly donates medical supplies to enhance the health infrastructure of the Orang Asli community.

Tan Sri Lim Lam Thye's Community Service:

  • Honorable visit from Tan Sri Lim Lam Thye, demonstrating our commitment to community service in the Pudu area.

Medical Assistant Training Program:

  • Facilitating professional growth, medical assistants have the opportunity to learn and enhance their skills within our center.
Asian doctor explaining works from tablet to medical assistants.

Patient Care and Support:

  • Currently, nine patients from community areas are under the care and support of Lecadia Primacare Centre, reflecting our dedication to providing comprehensive healthcare.

Board Director for Rumah Amal Cheshire Home:

  • Our director serves as a board director for Rumah Amal Cheshire Home, reinforcing our commitment to supporting various charitable causes beyond healthcare.