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Our story began in 2015 as a therapy center dedicated to special needs children. Within two years, we expanded and established our first inclusive preschool for all children. We now comprise multiple subsidiaries, providing skill-based learning education through childcare centers, preschools, allied care centers, and our financial literacy program, in various states throughout Malaysia.

Future Oriented

We empower children to experience success and happiness in life through a seamless learning journey. We strive our best to provide a warm, secure, and stimulating learning environment where we guide and nurture young children to work collaboratively and to develop an understanding of the world around them. Our aspiration is to provide children aged 9 months to 12 years old with holistic and future-forward education.

Education Redefined

We exemplify a seamless education journey, designed by our team of early childhood education experts. Our unique 3S Learning Model enables us to analyze the developmental level, potential and learning proficiencies of each child. With this, we are provide personalized and effective learning solutions for every child's development.

Joy in Learning

Children learn through real-life and hands-on experiences. It gives them an opportunity to explore and construct knowledge through different modes of learning, deepening their understanding of the world around them. Our students are happy, physically and mentally healthy, cooperative, creative and improving. Joyous’ students are joyous indeed!


To become the leading, world-class Edtech company in Asia by leveraging the community to improve every child’s quality of life.


To provide high-quality and personalized education solutions through a skill-based education framework for 1 million families.

Joyous' 1:1 ABA Therapy Program for 2 - 12 years old

Assessment:Screening & Consultation   |    Intervention           

The Joyous’ 1:1 ABA Therapy Program is thoughtfully designed to meet children’s needs and foster the development of their existing strengths. Our program adheres to a systematic and evidence-based approach, ensuring that skills are taught in accordance with developmental age norms, thereby providing a solid foundation for their growth and progress.

ABA Comprehensively Address These Crucial Areas:

Early Intervention Plan (EIP)

Joyous Preschools are communities of parents, teachers and child-development experts committed to the holistic growth of each student. Our teams of teachers and administrators want to make learning joyful for children, while providing a support structure for parents. With us, you are in good and trusted company.

Occupational Therapy

Motor skills and sensory processing are basic skills we all need to master at a young age. Joyous supports children struggling in this area of life skills by providing a program using creative methods and evidence-based practices to perform daily-life activities.

Speech Therapy

Difficulties with speech and language in children can be overcome by identifying and addressing the issue in their youth. Joyous is equipped with experts in the field to assist your child in improving their speech one step at a time.

Psychological Assessment, Diagnosis and Intervention

The key to understanding your child's struggles with their learning process, behavior and capabilities begins with a thorough and scientific assessment. With Joyous, you will be supported by a team of experts in identifying your child's challenges and deciding on the best next step for their seamless learning journey.

Play Therapy

By utilizing the language of play, play therapy aims to mitigate children’s behavioral and emotional challenges. This therapy enables children to manage complex emotions, acquire skills to process their experiences, understand the world better, and develop problem-solving abilities.

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