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At Lecadia Primacare Centre, we prioritize the physical well-being of our residents with dedicated Physiotherapist’s Rounds. Our skilled physiotherapy professionals conduct regular rounds to assess and enhance mobility, strength, and overall physical function. During these sessions, residents receive personalized exercise plans, tailored to their unique needs and abilities. We believe in the transformative power of movement, and our physiotherapists are committed to promoting independence and improving the quality of life for every resident. Trust us for a caring environment where Physiotherapist’s Rounds contribute to the vitality and well-being of each individual. Your mobility is our mission.

Daily group exercise, activities & specific physiotherapy treatment

Our center offers daily group exercise, activities, and specific physiotherapy treatment. The group exercise classes are led by a physiotherapist and focus on improving mobility, strength, and coordination. The activities provided at our center are art & craft therapy, music therapy and more!

We also offer specific physiotherapy treatment for patients who have been referred by our doctor or hospital. Our physiotherapists will work closely with you to address any issues that may be affecting your health and quality of life.